M1918 BAR Short Blank Magazine Spacer


M1918 BAR Short Blank Magazine Spacer. 

We also make a Complete Spacer Kit. https://jmspec.com/product/m1918-bar-short-blank-magazine-spacer-kit


We sell a complete magazine adapter kit HERE.

This magazine spacer is designed to utilize short 30-06 blanks in your M1918 / M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).   

You will need a M14 / M1A follower and mag spring in addition to this part to convert your BAR magazine.  We designed these spacers to hold themselves in place in front of the forward recess in the magazine housing, so there is no need to modify your magazine’s body in any way.  Just remove your existing follower and spring, slide the spacer in the front, and insert your modified M14 follower and spring.

We make a short blank specifically for the BAR.  You can find it HERE

Here are our instructions on modifying your existing BAR magazines to accept 30-06 short blanks. 

Check out our mag spacer cycle test here,


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