About Us

Old South Ammo (J&M Spec. LLC) is a group of veterans, reenactors, competitive marksmen, and firearms instructors.

J&M Spec. LLC is an A-Rated BBB accredited company which has been in business since July 2018. We sell to and work with individuals, firearms manufacturers, museums, Federal Firearms Dealers (FFLs), and film prop companies.

We started with manufacturing dummy rounds in one caliber, .308 Winchester, for our WWII reenacting unit’s (the Kelly’s Zeroes, Dahlonega, GA) 1919 Browning machine guns. This quickly expanded to 30-06 in order to teach those new to the M1 Garand how to operate it, both for reenacting and for high-power competition in CMP Games matches. It has all grown from there. We now make snap caps for more than 340 calibers and gauges, including the largest selections of Military and “Old West” dummy round cartridges available anywhere in the world!

Our company since has expanded to include an active Type 07 FFL in a separate location from the inert cartridges, and now offers both blanks and live ammunition for almost all of the same calibers and gauges we make dummy rounds for.