M1882 45-70-500 Gov Black Powder Ammunition


Box of Twenty black powder Model 1882 .45-70-500 Government (Gov’t) cartridges for the US Trapdoor Springfield.  New production ammunition!

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***Specifically for the Trapdoor Springfield – NOT suitable for lever-action rifles***

Box of twenty new production black powder .45-70-500 Government (45-70 Gov’t) ammunition.  Round nose 500gr bullet to replicate the original 1882 load for the Trapdoor Springfield line of rifles.

In 1882, the US Army adjusted their ammunition in order to distinguish the 45-70 rifle ammo (500gr)  from the 45-55 carbine ammo (405gr).  Before then, they sat the projectiles to the same overall length, which meant the only way to tell them apart was by the paper packaging (not a very effective method of keeping them straight).

We can do custom loads as well.  Please contact us for a quote.


Before firing:

– Confirm you have the correct caliber

– Have a qualified gunsmith inspection the condition of your firearm

– Always wear eye AND ear protection

We assume no liability for the proper function of your vintage firearm.

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

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45-70-500 Gov't




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